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Samsung Gear 360 Available in Australia NOW – Just $499

In a surprise announcement today, Samsung have released their Samsung Gear 360  – a 360° Video Camera – in Australia. The surprise is not so much that it is now available in Australia (they have been announcing releases in different countries since the initial launch in South Korea on 29 April 2016), but what has […]

Is Gear 360 the Perfect 360˚ Companion for Your Life ?

Samsung has released a couple of videos to provide inspiration as to how their new Gear 360 Video Camera can be used to create lasting memories. This first video shows how one couple connected the Gear 360 to a wide range of camera accessories (selfie stick, drone, helmet, car dashboard, bicycle, tripod universal clamp) on […]

Replace Samsung Gear 360 Lens Cover

If you have smashed / cracked / chipped / scratched / damaged the “lens” on your Samsung gear 360 (something that I managed to do within 6 hrs of opening the box 🙁 ), there is no need to panic. A damaged Lens is likely to play havoc with the quality of most of your […]

Getting Started with the Samsung Gear 360

Samsung’s Gear 360 Video Camera was released in South Korea and Singapore on 29th April, but dates and pricing for release elsewhere in the world are still to be announced. I have managed to get my hands on one, and here is a quick guide to getting started : How to set up Gear 360 […]

Samsung Gear 360 now available in New Zealand

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd has announced availability in New Zealand of the Samsung Gear 360. Gear 360 is compatible with select Samsung smartphones including the newly released Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy S6+, Note 5, Galaxy S6 edge and Galaxy S6. Gear 360 will be widely available for online purchase via Samsung eStore […]

What’s Inside the Samsung Gear 360

Samsung’s much anticipated “Gear 360” 360° Video Camera was released for sale in South Korea and Singapore on 29 April 2016, but is still not available for sale anywhere else in the world (although announcements are expected in June). Samsung have just provided information about the internal components of the Samsung gear 360 : 1) […]